How Cybersecurity enables Government, Health, EduTech cope with COVID-19

June 17, 2020
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There is no doubt that this COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we all live for these past few months. Cybersecurity has to be part of our daily lives. Be it in traveling, working, interacting with people, even the way we buy our everyday necessities.

The spike in the use of video conferencing software has skyrocketed as most of the companies shifted to a work from home set up. To observe the stay at home policy due to the lockdown that most countries implemented to flatten the curve somehow.

Some organizations are reluctant to implement the work from home set up as it also gives a little bit of challenge in their operation. But due to several changes that this pandemic forced us to adapt to, it looks like they don’t have any other options but to take part in it.

The usage for the online applications that are required from the people in work from home set up will be going increase. Therefore, the availability and criticality of these applications will be crucial to sustaining a remote working set up.

Aside from the availability of these applications, companies that are shifting to this “new norm” working setup must provide high importance in Cybersecurity as an integral part of the future planning process for the companies.

By having essential Cybersecurity in place will ensure that the business can cope with the current COVID-19 pandemic and sustainability in the long run once this pandemic has run its course.


How to Approach the Cybersecurity Issue

  • Regularly make exploitable risk in applications visible.
  • Provide the capability of mitigating risk in real-time to ensure business continuity.
  • Conspire with the private Security sector and business that provide cybersecurity services. This results in Organizations merely focusing on their business without the need to create in-house expertise.
  • The approach in Cybersecurity will enable businesses to be more agile in being digital.


More tips on the secured cyber lifestyle

  • Use 2FA on both business and personal online accounts
  • Scrutinize personal and enterprise software products on their affiliation, and the providers might share your data with some unwanted parties, you will never know.
  • Stay vigilant and stop posting too much on your social media account.
  • Secure the data uploaded and share it via the Cloud. Use a password before someone can open a file.


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