Data says that a massive rise of cybercrime attacks in India reached up to 11.8% in 2020

September 30, 2021
massive rise cybercrime attacks India reached 11% 2020

Official data has shown that for the year 2020, India has recorded over 50,053 cases of cybercrime, and 11.8% of it has been a surge of offences over the prior fiscal year. 

Following the country’s measuring system incidents per lakh population, the cybercrime rate in India has also grown from 3.3% last 2019 to up to 3.7% in 2020. This report is according to the NCRB or the National Crime Records Bureau. Back in 2019, data has shown that India had a document of over 44,735 cybercrime cases, while in 2018, the records reached up to 27,248. 

In 2020, the NCRB research showed 4,047 reported incidents of online banking fraud, 1,194 credit and debit card frauds. 1,093 one-time-password (OTP) frauds, and 2,160 of ATM-related incidents. A record of 578 social media fake news incidents has also been reported, and 972 cyber-stalking and women and children bullying were identified. Also, at least 149 cases of fake account profiles and 98 sensitive data theft has been recorded. 


According to the National Crime Records Bureau, the motive of the cybercrime attacks that have been boarded in 2020 has a maximum of 60.2% fraud-related cases of 30,142 out of 50,035 cases.


This information was then followed by online sexual exploitation that reached 6.6% with 3,293 cases and then cases of extortion with 4.9% with 2,440 cases. 

The highest rate of cybercrime cases among the states in India topped with 11,097 incidents identified in Uttar Pradesh State. Then follows Karnataka with 10,741 cases, Maharashtra with 5,496 cases, Telangana with 5,024 cases, and Assam with 3,530 cases. The highest recorded crime rates were in Karnataka State with 16.2%, Telangana with 13.4%, Assam with 10.1%, Uttar Pradesh with 4.8%, and Maharashtra with 4.4%. 

In addition to the recorded data given by the National Crime Records Bureau, New Delhi, the capital of India, has recorded over 168 cases within the year, with a crime rate reaching 0.8%. As classified by the Indian Penal Code, NCBR is an organization that has been responsible for acquiring and investigating data related to crimes. 

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