EasyJet got hit – customer info compromised

May 24, 2020
easyjet stolen customer info data leak compromised data

Hackers compromised around 9 million customers’ information, as reported recently regarding EasyJet data breached. According to their official statement, around the said figure consist of customer’s emails, and travel details have been able to obtain by the attacker from their database. Unfortunately, they were unable to determine when did the transgression has started. However, they assured that from the time they have discovered about the rupture, they have already launched an immediate mitigation procedure to avoid further damage.

They remembered the same scenario in 2018, where the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) sanctioned British Airways of a considerable fine for its failure in protecting customer personal information. The sanctions in place are also to help them to strengthen their cybersecurity protocols by consistently improving their defenses. With its stealthily way of penetrating the stronghold of the company security, EasyJet has classified that this attack is one “highly sophisticated .” With the tight security imposed on their system, they concluded that the hackers are also in the trend and very persistent in getting their goal. Thus, they do advise to be more vigilant and agile with the trending threat of data breach.


Examining the report from the cybersecurity experts

The report mentioned that the threat actor also stole the exact figure of 2,208 customer’s credit card details. They have already reached out to these people to inform them about the current issue and have given support to address the incident of unknown purchases from the compromised cards. They have also released a contingency measure of contacting the affected customer’s not later than May 26, 2020. Contacting them ensures that its digital security team enforces security protocol procedures. Furthermore, the company provides that they have the issue under control, and have already hired Cybercrime Solutions experts to dig deep into this controversy.

In the meantime, they released this statement to heed the warning and disseminate information to EasyJet customers about the possible next action that the fraudster may execute. The experts advised everyone affected to be keen on email phishing scams that a targeted victim may receive, such as requests on bank account sensitive information offering free goods or services. Emails that contain bank information updates, as this may lead to account hacking. One must also check credit card purchase history for any unauthorized payment as part of any organization’s credit card fraud detection measures. They must immediately contact their financial institution to seize the card activity and request for investigation and a new card replacement.


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