R00TK1T targets Malaysian firms and government entities

February 12, 2024
R00TK1T Hacktivist Malaysia Firms Government

In an announcement on their communication channel, the notorious hacktivist group R00TK1T has claimed responsibility for a cyberattack targeting the Aidan Group, a prominent conglomerate based in Malaysia.

The Aidan Group, known for its diverse business ventures spanning technology, education, and marketing sectors, fell victim to R00TK1T’s cyberattack, marking a significant breach in the nation’s corporate security infrastructure. With aspirations of global leadership, the Aidan Group’s resilience is now put to the test as they deal with this malicious assault.

Yet, R00TK1T’s activities extended beyond the initial attack. The group also claimed to have successfully breached the Federal Court of Malaysia and Berita RTM, the official television news network of the Malaysian government. The infiltration of these vital entities highlights the severe consequences of R00TK1T’s actions, presenting a significant danger to national security and public trust.

iZOOlogic researchers have detected the infiltration of the Federal Court of Malaysia and Berita RTM websites, proving R00TK1T’s claims of access to sensitive governmental systems. Despite the gravity of these breaches, the impacted organisations have yet to release any statement, leaving the public in a state of concern and uncertainty.


R00TK1T had issued a prior threat of an imminent attack on Malaysia.


This latest attack by R00TK1T appears to be linked to a previous warning issued by iZOOlogic researchers in late January. The threat group had forewarned Malaysia of impending cyber assaults, foreshadowing the recent onslaught against the Aidan Group and government institutions. The timing and nature of these attacks suggest a calculated escalation by R00TK1T, signalling a new phase in their disruptive agenda.

With cyber threats on the rise, it is clear that strong cybersecurity is crucial for the affected nation. Malaysia, dealing with recent attacks, reminds all organisations of the ongoing risks that underline the need to work together to boost digital defences – focusing on being proactive and adaptable to tackle new cyber threats and protect national security.

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